Förra helgen blev finske Toni Tauru ny bantamviktsmästare i Cage Warriors. Trots denna framgång och en imponerande meritlista är det trots allt få som känner till den nykrönte mästaren. Det ska vi på Burspråk försöka ändra på och en början är följande intervju.

I första kontakten med Cage Warriors nykrönte bantamviktsmästare Toni Tauru (10-1-1) säger han att finnar i allmänhet, och han specifikt, inte gör tillräckligt med väsen av sig för att synas utöver sina sportsliga prestationer. Detta illustreras enkelt genom att konstatera att Tauru inte har en sida på Wikipedia trots att han har tio segrar på meritlistan.

Inte heller att han knep bantamviktstiteln på Cage Warriors 72 förra helgen verkar ha givit honom mycket mer uppmärksamhet. Så den första frågan var enkel att komma på och ställa – Vem är Toni Tauru?

I’m from Kouvola, about 90 000 people, between Helsinki and the Russian border. My first taste of combat sports came in military when we did military wrestling. Then time passed and I was working around Finland in construction. I found MMA and started training it passionatly. I kind of knew that this is something that I want to do for the rest of my life. Well thats kind of naive to say, but at least as long as I can. So my back up plan has been my education in sportstrainee and personal training education. I started my pro career in 2011 after i won Shooto Scandinavian Champions. My first two fights werent actually all sunshine but i did lots of work all the time to get better. My first pro win came late 2011 and havent lost since then. I always say that it’s thin line between winning and losing but in my perspective it has been good training plan, awesome training partners, scouting my opponents and most of all calm nerves. I get to hear a lot that im in good mood before fights, smiling in walk in or some times even in middle of fight. It’s probably that I have stopped giving a shit if I lose and only concentrate about how to win. I think that overall im kind of happy personality with big dreams. Most valuable things for me are my family. They have been great support to my career and my wife always understanding when fights get closer and i practically live in gyms. But between fights im homedad and doing my best with them, berättar Toni Tauru till Burspråk.

För motståndet på Cage Warriors 72 stod engelsmannen Cory Tait (8-3). Tauru hade bra koll på vad som väntade honom.

I scout my opponents and did know about Corys highlightreel knockouts and dynamic kicks. I was ready for them and purpose was kind of killing his game and just grind him. People take alook on my Sherdog and are like his a grapler and doesnt know anything else but actually my best weapon in my mind is my knees, elbows and warying my opponent.

Både de fysiska och mentala förberedelserna gav utdelning för Tauru då han ströp ut sin motståndare i slutet av fjärde ronden. Den upplevelsen är bekant för Tauru då han nu segrat via submission i sju matcher i rad. Det som var nytt var att gå en match som kunde gå över fem ronder och att ha stå i rampljuset i en stor internationell MMA-organisation.

It was great to be in mainevent but it wasn’t actually any different compared to any of my fights because I’m so committed to take a win. So it doesn’t matter if I’m first or last fight. Of course after the fight it’s great when you have lots of interviews and everyone wants a picture with you and stuff. It’s easier to get support to venue when you are the big fight and I love to have guys from Finland cheering and really living the fight with me.

I did lots of training based on five rounds and I think that it was well executed. Of course I had great lesson here also and I will be even better next time. The rounds are not the issue actually, I think that it would give me more if I learn to be more explosive for fights in future. But hey, it was fun four rounds and now i know that i can take those championship rounds whenever.

Med segerruset fortfarande i kroppen frågade Tauru efter att Cage Warriors skulle komma till Finland i intervjun direkt efter matchen. Den tanken har den finske mästaren ännu inte släppt.

I think that it can happen. We haven’t got any disscussions yet but I’m very hopefully about it. I have mentioned this wish in many places now. After all Finnish MMA-scene is rising all the time and Helsinki would be great place to put on an event. Finland has tons of potential fighters but an issue is that they don’t make much noise about themselves. Guys are taking big fights for example in Russia so I think they could be potential Cage Warriors fighters. And let’s not forget Swedish fighters, it’s only couple hours from Stockholm to Helsinki and fans could be there also.


I skrivande stund har Tauru fortfarande inte någon sida på Wikipedia och under samtalet hoppades han att någon skulle hjälpa honom med det. Är den personen du?

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